NeuroImagination is developed in 1996 by Horst Kraemer, psychotherapist, together with a doctor and a psychologist. Horst Kramer tells us that there is no reason to be more than five days out of your strength.
NeuroImagination is a scientifically proven and controlled method that has a direct impact on the development of stress hormones.

The method consists of the following steps:
1. Coaching sessions
2. Breathing techniques (deep/belly breathing)
3. Right/left stimulation (on the tights or with the fingers)
4. Guided body meditation
5. Imagining your personal goal/desires
6. Emphasizing on the five senses of the image
7. Anchoring

Breathing technique

In stressful situations we breathe more superficially, which causes the body pulsation to diminish. Blood vessels are narrowing and stay narrower. Superficial breathing stimulates the creation of adrenaline, while deep breathing decreases it. So, with the breathing exercise the first step to recovery is made.

Right/left stimulation

If someone does the right/left stimulation, for example by clapping hands alternately on the tights, it stimulates the metabolism in the opposite brain half. This exercise is found also in 5000 year old yoga exercises. The stimulation of the metabolism, increases brain activity, so the two brain halves make a better connection and work faster. Blocked brain parts also start cooperating. This leads to an improvement in concentration and lost memories can return in the consciousness. An increased feeling of self-control replaces the feelings of loss and incapacity.

The strength of the combination

Combining the breathing technique and the right/left stimulation increases the impulse to reduce the stress hormones more intensely. The sensory perception also gets clearer.
If you add the guided body meditation to this combination, introspection will increase. The impulses from the body to the brains decrease, blood pressure decreases, blood circulation calms down and the power to think increases.


The client imagines a positive memory or a goal, and the coach addresses the sensory perception carefully and thoroughly (smell, sense (skin and temperature), taste, sight and hearing). By combining the goal image with the five senses, the brain is no longer capable of distinguishing both realities. The present reality and the imagination, which the brain focuses on at that moment, become one new reality.


By pressuring two fingers together, the positive and desired imagination can hypnotically anchored. If this has been successfully repeated several times, the client is capable of using this positive state of mind at any given moment during the day.


• The burnout circle is broken and the client has stepped out of the problematic neurobiological zone.
• Burnout symptoms are clearly reduced
• The regeneration of the body, the self-regulation and the ability to access their own strength have been mend
• Your head is clear again
• You can now implement the necessary changes in private and work life.

The longer someone is in a burnout, the more difficult it is to recover the old physical and mental state. If someone has solved their stress fragmentation (complete or partly blocked neuronal information path in the brains), the original strength will return relatively quickly. Of course the physical damage might take a bit longer to heal. Normally the old performance level will be reached within three months.

Explanation of the method by Horst Kraemer (in German)

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