Stress Coaching


There are different kinds of  stress.
First of all there is the healty stress. Everyone experiences a certain level of stress with every activity one does. Usdually this is not a problem at all, as there exist several moments to bring the stress level down again. The adreline level will return to its normal amount.
When you are not able to bring the adreline level down again, one can talk about bad stress.
The longer this stress remains, the higher the adreline level becomes and the bigger the chance to end up with a burnout.
Besides these kinds of stress there exist another kind of stress, called trauma. This is the highest level of stress possible. This can be caused by for example a car accident or due to an experience with a tremendous impact on someone, like something from the early yoith, bullying or for example rape or robbery.

With the help of Neuro Imagination method you can get rid off your stress in a quick and sustainable way.
It is possible to receive stress coaching individually or a small group.