Nature Coaching

Individual Nature Coaching

By nature coaching the coaching sessions will take place in a beautiful natural surrounding. During this week it is La Dehesa del Generalife. A natural area ten minutes by foot from the city centre of the famous city Granada. This area offers wonderful views on the city Granada and The Alhambra.

Nature coaching has a couple of advantages over coaching between four walls. Walking in nature helps you to clear your head. Nature has a relaxing influence, which makes it possible to listen to your inner feelings. And, when you start walking, you start moving and everything that seems to be stuck in your head starts to flow easier too. Another big advantage is you will find the answer to your coaching theme a lot sooner than with normal coaching.
While walking and with the help of exercises in the forest and open field we will deal with your coaching theme. We find the answer to questions like:

  • Which way do you want to go?
  • Which obstacles are you facing?
  • Who is supporting you?
  • What enlightens you?
  • What did you already achieve?

Your coaching theme can be personal or career related. You decide the theme.
During the first session in The Netherlands or via Skype we get acquainted and talk about your coaching theme.
During the week in Granada we plan a maximum of five sessions in the afternoon. The remaining time you are free to enjoy the wonderful and fantastic city of Granada.
Do you want a VIP package?
That is of course possible! I will arrange the entrance fees for the tourist attractions and we will have lunch in restaurants with some typical meals.
Ask for the possibilities. 

Date: Open to your choice
Price: The coaching costs 697 euro
Participants: Individual or if desired with someone else (signup together). If you sign up together with a friend or partner you will both receive a discount of 50 euros.
For more information, or to sign up send an email.