Today finally my website comes to live. And with that my first post.

Granada has been my love since 1996. That was the year I had a sabatical from University. It was the year I turned 22 and actually the year my life changed for good. Allthough by then, I had no idea.

Okay, I wanted to stay there, after 3 months of studying Spanish and four months of working in a hotel, but reason brought me home to The Netherlands.
But soon after, I realized I could not live without this city anymore. It had casted its spell on me.
I returned the first Christmas for holidays, and during the two following summers I worked in the same hotel again. During the nineteen years that have passed, I returned several times, for holidays, for trying to find a life and for working. I met people, mostly Granainos, who became friends, or just stayed acquintances.
Still after these 19 years I  find myself passing time with them and simply: Enjoying life!

And with this website coming to life, my two passions are combined; Coaching and Granada. 

I invite you to share your love for Granada with me and enjoy our journey.

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