City Coaching

City coaching

Are you open to new experiences?

Always wanted to know what a city can do for your personal development?

Do you want a reach your goal, but you have no idea what is holding you back?

Do you want insight in your possibilities?

Do you want to get to know yourself?

Do you want to share experiences in a small group?


And all of this in a beautiful city that will enchant you?


Grab this opportunity!

City coaching


While walking through beautiful touristic neighbourhoods of Granada, we will work together on your personal development. Each neighbourhood has its own theme and its own questions. The questions and answers will appear while exloring the city. I make use of metaphores of the city which we will see during our walk.


 The walks take a maximum of 2,5 hours. The remaining day you have time to explore the city or enjoy the weather and the atmosphere.


Do you prefer city coaching one on one or with a VIP package? Of course that is also possible! In case of VIP I also arrange for you for example the touristisc visits and we eat typical food in typical restaurants.

Just ask for the possibilities.



The next planned date is 1 – 5th of May 2017.

Do you prefer another date? Feel free to ask for the possilities.


Price 547 euro,  excl. VAT

Join me now!

What others say:

“It was an inspirational walk.”
Marc, 41 years

“The walk this morning gave me a lot of energy. There are so many things I want and can start with. In the chats this morning so many things came back to me, that I have been told often and many times before by others. Now I know where my strengths are and what I want to do with it. I cannot wait to start.”
“A couple of weeks ago I did a couple of sessions of nature caching with Irene. It gave me more insight in myself and gave me tools to handle things differently.
The exercises were difficult sometimes, but because of the different approach it had a positive result.
Thanks to Irene´s her advice I have a different view on things now and can move forward again.
I have found more peace and have a more positive outlook on live.”
Female, 56 years